Steel Rings / Flesh Hoops

Our steel rings make perfect flesh hoops for djembes, dununs, congas and many other drums! We've even seen them used in art projects, ceramics, and all sorts of other ways. All sizes are inside diameter measurements, meaning that a 10" ring will have a full 10 inches of space in the center of the ring.

-Made from 1/4" steel

Available from 5.5” to 20” in 1/2" increments (1/4" increments between 5.5" and 16" and then ½” increments between 16" - 20")

-Be sure to order the size of rings that you need using INSIDE DIAMETER MEASUREMENTS

-Available ring sizes are listed below...just add the desired quantity and size to your cart.

-BULK DISCOUNT: You can mix-and-match any sizes of 10+  rings to get a 25% Discount, 20+ rings to get a 40%, and 100+ ring orders to get a 50% discount. Discount is auto-calculated at checkout whenever 10 or more rings are in your cart.

Don't know what size ring you need? Here's our rule of thumb for djembe top rings: 

1. Measure the outside diameter of your drum in multiple places (at least 3) 

2. Take the largest measurement and add another 1/2" to accommodate the skin and rope

3. You now have your needed inside diameter ring size

Size (Inside Diameter)