South American Horse Hide Rounds

If it's the folkloric sound you're after, our South American horse hide rounds are a great choice for djembes, bongos, frame drums, and shaman drums. They are denser than steer, offering a very focused and crisp sound that you hear on pre-1990's recordings when mule and horse were the go-to skins. They are a translucent amber color, very smooth to the touch, and brighter sounding than our thicker steer skins.

We buy the skins as whole hides, and hand select and cut the rounds ourselves. We cut the smaller pieces from the thinner edge of the hide for bongos, while the thickest parts are cut in 21" rounds for congas, djembes, frame drums, and shaman drums. Looking for a melodic quinto with bell-like clarity and volume that cuts through the band? These Mr. Ed series hides are your answer! As with any of our skins, if you have thickness preferences please leave a note in the comments section.

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