Rhythm Traders Pro Series Dununs

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Our Pro Dununs are authentic African dununs at a great value. Each drum is hand carved in Guinea from a single piece of Bois Blanc wood. Our master carvers know how to get the walls of the shell even and straight while leaving the spiraling adze pattern on the inside of the shell to give these dununs that classic Malinke sound. All of our dununs are finished with our African calf skins, and we professionally tune each drum and rub oil on each shell before shipping so that the drums arrive looking and sounding their best. 


  • Meticulously hand-carved from Bois Blanc wood by our master carvers in Guinea
  • African Calf Skins with hair for a powerful, melodic sound
  • A rounded bearing edge
  • 3/16" rope for strength and ease of tuning
  • These are among the best dununs we have ever seen or heard!


We have been working with our carvers for more than 20 years. With our dununs you are getting an authentic African dunun hand carved from a single piece of African Bois Blanc wood and finished with an African calf skin, features that really stand out from the mass produced Thailand and Indonesia drums being made today. 

Each drum will be tuned before it is shipped, but when its time to tune it up again we offer a selection of Tuning Tools that will help you get your verticals extremely tight.

We also offer Dunun Bells, Dunun Stands, Dunun Sticks, and other African Drum Accessories for all of your African drum needs. 

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