Rhythm Traders Pro Series Djembes

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Our Pro Djembes are the real deal. Each drum is hand carved in Guinea from a single piece of select djembe wood. Our carvers use either Lenge, Hare, Acajou, Djalla, or Iroko wood, all premium djembe woods that you can read more about in our Djembe Buying Guide. The drums are finished with our African goat skins and 3/16" djembe rope, and each drum is professionally tuned and the shell is rubbed down with oil before shipping so that your djembe is looking its best and ready to play as soon as it arrives!



  • Meticulously hand-carved from the finest hard woods available, including Lenge, Hare, Acajou, Djalla, and Iroko
  • Medium to heavy in weight
  • A comfortable, rounded bearing edge
  • Color varies from orange-red to medium brown to tan-white
  • Unique spiral adze pattern in the interior gives it that Malinke sound
  • Denser wood enables the carvers to make the walls thinner, which adds volume and crispness.
  • A unique hand carved design on each drum shell
  • These are among the best djembes we have ever seen or heard!


Get a free bag with your purchase ($80 value) while supplies last.

Free Bag with Djembe Purchase (while supplies last) 

Each of our djembes is unique and special. Our carvers use only the finest djembe woods and components available, and the result is an authentic djembe that sounds great and holds up through endless hours of playing. 

Our carvers take their time carving intricate designs into each shell. No two drums are identical; each one has its own character.

We will always select our finest djembe(s) to send to you. If you have any specific preferences we encourage you to write them in the message section of the order form and we will send our closest match.

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