Rhythm Traders Master Djembe Bag

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These Master Djembe Bags represent the culmination of our efforts over the last twenty years to design the perfect djembe bag. After many revisions, these new model bags are ready for action. Ultra-padded, moisture sealing, side-pocketed, and now with redesigned backpack straps and handle, these Master Djembe Bags are the ultimate!


  • Our Master Djembe Bags were engineered specifically for the djembe
  • Our djembe bags are made from the finest cordura... thick, high-impact foam padding, waist strap, and carrying handle
  • Our Djembe bags have 2 large pockets for all your goodies, rubber on the bottom, and a vapor barrier to keep out moisture
  • These djembe bags also have a rain flap to cover the top zipper, and a hard top to prevent puncture wounds. Whew!
  • These professional quality djembe bags are black with red, yellow, and green trim, a map outline of Africa on top, and our logo
  • Designed to fit djembes 12.5 to 14" in diameter and 22 to 25" tall


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