Pearl Sensitone 14x6.5 Steel Snare Drum

The SensiTone sound has always been drawn from an amalgamation of The Heritage Alloys; the necessary, vital, immediate tones that recall legendary chart-toppers with an undeniably modern sensibility.

The SensiTone Heritage Alloy Steel model features a 1mm beaded chrome shell, and delivers the goods with the right gig-ready touches to make it a utility standard for the power player.

25 Years of SensiTone performance, with the Heritage Alloy sound. Tonally versatile with cracking projection and smooth overtone.

Shell: 1mm Beaded Chrome-Plated Steel

Hoops: 2.3mm SuperHoop II 

Strainer: SR017

Snares: SN1420I

Heads: Remo USA Coated Ambassador (Batter)
             Remo USA Hazy Snare (Bottom)