Pearl Eliminator Solo Red Cam Single Bass Drum Pedal

Delivering accurate speed and focused performance, the Eliminator Solo: Red bass drum pedal delivers no-nonsense Eliminator feel for the technically decisive player. 

Focusing the drive on the accurate feel of the Radical Progressive Action of Eliminator: Redline Red Cam, its shape allows the double chain to better match the motion of your foot. This means smooth movement at the bottom of the stroke with an accelerated PUSH at the top, and quick rebound for reactive doubles.

Other Eliminator features include accelerated action, Roller Hoop Clamp, and our Patented Powershifter function. 

Fly Solo, and set our feet free!



DRIVE - Sprocket-less Double Chain

FOOT BOARD - Brushed Chrome

POWERSHIFTER - Three Position

BEATER ANGLE - Uni-Lock Infinitely Adjustable

ROLLER HOOP CLAMP - Side Mount Adjustment.


BEATER - Control Core QuadBeater
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