Pearl 14x5 StaveCraft Makha Snare Drum

Producing sharp sonic focus and full-bodied volume for the heavy drummer, StaveCraft snares are a startling addition to any pro player's soundscape. Each 25mm thick shell starts from two layers of meticulously beveled solid Makha wood staves. Using a principal exclusive to these snare drums, an added stave of exotic Thai Oak is inserted into the center Dado channel formed by each stave. This "Dado-Loc" joint increases total shell strength by 50%.

The shell is then lathed to a perfectly round 25mm thickness, hand lacquered, and fitted with our Swivel Tube Lugs and MasterCast die-cast counter hoops for added volume and tuning precision.

Yielding solid shell tonal snare spike from a powerful mix of hardwoods, Pearl's StaveCraft snare drums are the perfect fusion of old-world workmanship and new-school performance.



Size: 14x5
Shell: 25mm Dual-Layered Makha with Thai Oak Dado-Loc 
Hoops: MasterCast
Lugs: Swivel Tube Lugs
Rods: SST5047 (10 per side)
Strainer: SR150 Click-Lock 
Snares: UltraSound 20-Strand (SN1420I)
Heads: Remo USA CS Black Dot Clear (Batter)/Remo USA Ambassador Snare (Bottom)