Pakistani Hairless Goat Skins

Our Pakistani Hairless Goat Skins are ideal for Middle-Eastern drums, frame drums, banjos, ceramic drums, gourd drums, and many other drums and instruments. They are thinner than our Pakistani Calf Skins and African Calf Skins and better suited for lower tension applications*. All skins are pre-cut rounds, available in 14", 16", 18", 22", and 26" sizes.

*Quantities of 3 or more skins are eligible for our discount price. The discount is automatically calculated whenever 3 or more skins are in your cart.

*For Djembes and other high tension African drums we recommend our African Whole Hide Goat Skins

**Goat skins are a natural animal product and variation is to be expected. We hand select every goat skin that we send out to make sure it is free of holes and meets our standard of quality. Please give us as much information about your project as possible in the message section on the checkout page so that we can select the best skins for you, and if you have any specific preferences regarding thickness, appearance, or anything else please indicate this on the checkout page also.