Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Jeff Hamilton Maximus 6"x14" Snare Drum

Designed by Jeff Hamilton with a nod to the traditions of the Jazz greats, the "Maximus" has the sound and feel of a vintage drum, built with modern precision and articulation. Made from a 6" deep, 100% Mahogany shell, it is outfitted with a special snare bed for the execution of the most dynamic playing. It is the choice for a warm, big sound, with the ability to whisper in the most delicate small group settings. Tradition meets a modern voice, the Maximus is a commanding instrument for all forms of playing.


This Drum features:

  • The 100% Mahogany shell delivers a warm, traditional, precise sound.
  • Sound Concept: Warm/Traditional/Precise
  • 45 degree SONIClear Batter Side Edge, 35 degree SONIClear Snare Side Edge.
  • SAS1 Gloss Piano Black Finish
  • In-Line locking I-Lugs
  • Canopus Vintage Snare Wires
  • Remo Fiberskyn Diplomat Batter Head



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