Mamady Keita DVD Collection - Traditional Rhythms of the Mandingue

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Re-Issued in DVD Format!! These DVDs are part of the re-issue of the original Rhythmes Traditionnels du Mandingue Series, widely regarded as one of the best djembe instructional video series in the era of VHS. This 3 DVD series focuses on the Mandingue rhythms.

Debutant (Beginner): The rhythms covered on this DVD include Fankani, Djagbe, Soli-Rapide, Kuku, Mendiani, Djaa, Moribayassa.

Moyens (Intermediate): The rhythms covered on this DVD include Kassa, Senefoli, Sofa, Denadon, Mendiani solo, Djansa et Solo, Garangedon et solo, and Soli rapide solo.

Avances (Advanced): The rhythms covered on this DVD include Dunungba, Soliwoulen, Tiriba, Kakilambe, N'goron, Soko, Koredjuga, solo Soboninkun and other solo rhythms.

Each DVD involves the demonstration of these rhythms, including the djembe solo, two accompanying djembes, and the dunun, all with detailed explanation. It is in English/French/Japanese. NTSC format. If you first bought it on video, you'll love it on DVD now!

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