Mamady Keita - Mandeng Djara CD

Mamady's 10th album was recorded in Conakry, Guinea in January 2007. This CD contains a mixture of traditional rhythms and rhythms never before heard that Mamady himself created for the djembe-dunun orchestra. You will hear not only the percussive mastery of Mamady but also the melodic intricacies of the balafon, kora, flute, and more! Mamady is accompanied by some of the most talented musicians in Guinea and shares his own vision of the future of Mandeng percussion through his own creations inspired by the songs from his village.

This is a must-have in your collection of West African percussion!

Track Listing:
Kondjana Fe
Deni Kinantan
Manya o
Nyewa kodo
Kedjula Kanin
Soundjata Fassa