Mamady Keita Solo CD Collection - Volumes 2-10

These CDs are designed to help folks to learn all of Mamady's 12 traditional solos with the rhythms. Each CD has the following tracks:
  • Djembe 1
  • Djembe 2
  • Sangban
  • Sangban + Djembe 1
  • Kenkeni
  • Kenkeni + Djembe 1
  • Dununba
  • Dununba + Djembe 1
  • Sangban, Kenkeni, Dununba, Djembe1 and Djembe 2
  • Djembe Solo by Mamady
  • Four or five tracks of the rhythm played from slow to fast tempos
  • Improvisation by Mamady
These CDs are incredible for learning to feel and practice the traditional solos and to understand how to extemporize from them. Much easier than pulling together a set of dunun and djembe players every time you want to practice your solos!
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