Mamady Keita - Guineé: Les Rythmes du Mandeng DVD Vol.3

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This Mamady Keita DVD instructional DVD is the best tool available today for learning traditional Guinea djembe rhythms. Mamady Keita breaks down each part of each rhythm and the DVD allows you to watch each part be looped while the other parts are muted, allowing you to go part by part learning all of the djembe parts, the dununs parts, and the bell patterns. Never before have the traditional rhythms of Guinea been so accessable!

The new DVD format allows many more features and flexibility than video tapes. In addition to the rhythms, this DVD features technique, history, and photographs. It's like having Mamady and company over for your own private lesson!

Languages: French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese



Vol. 3: Limited Stock! - Konkoba, Woïma, Konden II, Soli des Manian, Sökö, Bandon djeli, Baö

Vol. 1, 2, & 4 are sold out. Contact us if interested in those volumes.

For players looking for an instructional djembe DVD but preferring something that can be watched like a film, consider this excellent VHS-era Mamady Keita instructional series:

Mamady Keita - Traditional Rhythms of the Mandingue - Set of 3 DVDs