Bill Matthews - Shadowing the Lion: Over 500 Drum and Bell Patterns

Every drummer needs this book in their library! Shadowing the Lion gives beginning, intermediate and advanced drummers an intimate and accessible look into African & Afro-Caribbean drum cultures and rhythms.

Presented in Bill's ground-breaking, easy to read notation, Shadowing the Lion is the perfect tool for students and teachers of all levels. A 220-page exploration of African & Afro-Caribbean ensemble rhythms, containing all the material from his previous 3 books (The New Conga Joy, Drum Talk, Drum Stories) plus a substantial amount of brand-new material, including:

40 new Ensemble rhythms (76 total)
-45 new Rhythm Dialogues (78 total)
-40 new Hand-Crafted 8-Bar Solos
-an expanded, Rhythms for Two Drums solo section
-a greatly expanded Bell & Clave section
-a new "Break Phrases" section

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