Guinea Dunun Bells

Our Guinea Dunun Bells are hand made in Guinea by the same master craftsmen who make our Rhythm Traders Djembes and Dununs. They are available in three sizes (Kenkeni, Sangban, and Dununba) and two styles (round, ballet style and flat, Hamanah style). The flat Hamanah style bells have a little less sustain than their round Ballet Style counterpart.

Dunun bells are always played with a metal striker such as a nail, round metal ring, or another thin metal mallet. This gives a cleaner sound than a wooden stick and ensures long life.

We also carry a special set of 3 Baro Bells made in Baro, Hamana region by Sekou Conde and his son. Sekou Conde is the preeminent bell maker in the region, and makes them for Famodou Konate and other master drummers. We picked them up in the village of Sangbarella during our trip for Famodou Konate's 80th birthday in January 2020.

Check out this footage of them being made from our trip to see the makers! 

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