African Print Djembe Strap

These African Print Djembe Straps are great for getting your Djembe or other drum into proper playing position. Each strap is hand made in Mali and features a unique pattern. No two straps are 100% alike. Straps are approximately 15 feet long and do not have a buckle. To use simply tie the strap around your drum as seen below.

African Print Djembe Straps (Various)


To use, simply wrap the strap around the handle or a couple of the verticals of your djembe and tie it off so it makes a giant loop. Then slip the loop under your drum so that when you pull up on the straps it cradles the drum just where the bowl starts on the shell. Cross the straps and put your head through the hole that is created so that where the straps cross ends up on your back, then lift everything up and into position as seen below.