African Cow/Calf Skins with Hair

Our African Calf Skins with hair are ideal for Djembes, Dununs, Congas, and Bougarabou. Our Guinea Calfskins are typically light brown in color, and thinner than American or Pakistani calf. Calfskins generally have a much warmer sound than goat, bringing out the mid to low range of the sound spectrum. They are also much stronger; perfect for playing with sticks on dununs to get that huge bass sound.

Thinner rounds can be used for Djembes and other African drums requiring a skin that is thicker than both goat and antelope. While we recommend our African Whole Hide Goat Skins for most djembes, advanced players looking for a lead drum with a lot of mid-low range, or who are building a contra-djembe will truly enjoy these calf skins.

*Quantities of 3 or more skins are eligible for our discount price. The discount is automatically calculated whenever 3 or more skins are in your cart.

For more information on using these skins, check out our Djembe Skinning Guide and our other Djembe resources below.

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