Zildjian Cymbals

 Zildjian Cymbals

Zildjian ZBT Line

ZBT (Zildjian Bronze Technology) delivers a bright, intense sound that cuts through the mix.  Each ZBT cymbal was created using Ziljdian's extensive experience in cymbal making and features extensive lathing with a traditional finish. 

 Zildjian ZBT Family

B8 alloy
Sharp and focused
Excellent, bright "chick" sound for the hi hats
Precise, clean stick definition
Zildjian A Line


With a broad spectrum of weights and a higher pitch, A family cymbals offer a wide variety of sound colors, ideal for all genres and reflecting today's musical styles. 
Zildjian’s classic sound is embodied by A Zildjian and immortalized in countless recordings by the greatest drummers of all time. Known for their versatility, these bright cymbals range from thin and delicate to extra heavy and cutting.
Zildjian A Family
Bright, sweet, & versatile
Full bodied
Traditional finish
Medium to Medium thin weight


Zildjian K Line

With their lighter weight and lower pitch, K family cymbals offer a more robust sound perfect for acoustic performances and intimate settings.

K Custom cymbals are based on the darker, dryer sounds of the legendary K line, but have been customized with unique finishes, tonal modifications, and manufacturing techniques.  The combination of K hammering and a variety of modern hammering techniques have made K Custom one of Zildjian's most popular lines and the choice of artists from a wide range of genres.

Zildjian K Family 
Excellent stick definition with dry, full-bodied stick sound
Both powerful and vibrant, yet dark and gentle
Overhammering on top of the cymbal provides slightly dry, trashy overtones


Proudly carrying the Zildjian line:

K Family (K Constantinople, K Custom, K Sweet, K Zildjian, K Kerope)
A Family (A Avedis, A Zildjian, A Custom)
S Family
Z Family (ZBT, Planet Z)
LV80 (Low Volume)
K Orchestral (Symphonic, Constantinople Orchestral)
A Orchestral (Symphonic Tone, Concert Stage, Stadium, Z-MAC, Classic Orchestral)
Other Orchestral Lines (Gongs, Crotales, S Orchestral, ZBT Orchestral, Planet Z)


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