Yamaha Snare Drums

 Yamaha Snare Drums
Yamaha Stage Custom Steel Snare Drum

The SSS-1455 is a versatile steel snare drum with a pure and punchy high tone. One of our favorite all-around decent snare drums.

Yamaha Stage Custom Snare Drum
1.0mm Steel
1.5 mm Triple Flange Hoop
45 degree bearing edge
Chrome Plated Steel
Remo UT Ambassador heads
20 strand High Carbon Steel


Yamaha Tour Custom Maple Snare Drum


All-maple shells give Tour Custom drums their warm, open tone. These shells are designed with a 6-ply, 5.6 mm / 45-degree bearing edge that adds tonal depth and quick response and a great balance of snare sensitivity and wide, dynamic range. Finished with a beautiful satin lacquer that maximizes the sonic potential of the maple shell, Tour Custom snare drums provide a classic Yamaha maple snare sound with perfect sensitivity for any genre of music.
Yamaha Tour Custom Snare Drum
6-ply / 5.6 mm Maple Shells
2.7 mm Snare Bed
45-degree bearing edges
2.3mm inverse DynaHoops
Absolute Lugs
P-Type Strainer



Yamaha Recording Custom Brass Snare Drum


The new addition of the metal snare lineup to the Recording Custom series represents the addition of Yamaha’s finest snare drums, using Steve’s valuable input to its maximum. It adds a superb consistency, allowing drummers to fully utilize the sound functionality of the kit.

Yamaha Recording Custom Brass Snare Drum
1.2mm Brass Shell
2.4mm Snare Bed
One-Piece Lugs
2.3mm Dyna Hoops
45-degree bearing edge
14"x5.5" version includes 10 strand, Steve Gadd Snare Wires
Availability: 13"x6.5", 14"x6.5", 14"x5.5"


Proudly carrying the Yamaha line of snare drums:

Recording Custom (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Birch)
Live Custom Hybrid Oak
Tour Custom
Stage Custom (Birch, Steel) 
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