Yamaha Drum Sets

Yamaha Drum Sets
Yamaha Stage Custom

These 100% Birch Stage Custom Drum Sets from Yamaha are some of the most dependable, best sounding kits around since their introduction in 1995. We love them so much that we use them in our lesson rooms. They sound absolutely massive, so much so that one smack of the bass drum is often all it takes for drummers in our store to want one. As we've come to expect from Yamaha, each kit arrives consistently flawless and ready for a lifetime of looking and sounding great. Available in a 20" or 22" bass drum shell pack. These kits are highly recommended!

Yamaha Stage Custom
100% 6-ply Birch Shell
Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (Y.E.S.S.)
Ball Mount & Clamp
Die-Cast Bass Drum Claws
Bass Drum Leg Stopper



 Yamaha Tour Custom

All-maple shells give Tour Custom drums their warm, bright tone. These shells are designed with a 6 ply-5.6 mm / 45 degree bearing edge that adds tonal depth and quick response and provides just the right amount of sustain. Finished with a beautiful satin lacquer (with all-new colors) that maximizes the sonic potential of the maple shell, Tour Custom drums play well in any musical style.

Yamaha Tour Custom
All-maple Shells
Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (Y.E.S.S.)
Inverse DynaHoop
2 Size Variations
5 Color Variations
Yamaha Phoenix (PHX) Series


At Yamaha, each drum's evolution begins with a prototype. Under a completely new concept, the PHX (pronounced "phoenix") series is the pinnacle of excellence in this prototyping process. Handcrafted by Yamaha's expert technicians, it is rooted in over 50 years of history, tradition, experience and technology in an all-out pursuit of the ultimate in drum craftsmanship and sound.

Yamaha PHX Series
Jatoba, Maple, and Kapur hybrid shell
Y.E.S.S. II Shell Mount System
Hook Lug System
30 degree bearing edges, with varying radiuses for each drum
Hook Lugs and Aluminum Die-cast Hoops Available in Gold or Chrome
Classic Maple or Exotic Burled Ash Exterior
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Proudly carrying the Yamaha line:

Phoenix (PHX)
Recording Custom
Absolute Hybrid Maple
Tour Custom
Live Custom Hybrid Oak
Stage Custom Birch
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