Sonor Hardware Packs

Sonor Hardware Packs

Sonor 2000 Series Flat Base Hardware Pack


This flat base pack will suit the needs of your situation, and not hurt your back at the same time. Consider this excellent pack for that vintage look and feel.


Sonor 2000 Flat Base Hardware Pack


HH 2000 Hi-hat Stand
MBS LT 2000 Straight Cymbal Stand x2
SS 2000 Snare Drum Stand
SP 20000 Single Bass Drum Pedal



Sonor 4000 Series Hardware Pack


Sonor's double braced 4000 Series Hardware is built to last, is highly functional, and comes with all the features you expect.


 Sonor 4000 Hardware Pack

HH 4000 Hi-hat Stand
CS 4000 Boom Cymbal Stand x2
SS 4000 Snare Drum Stand
SP 4000 Single Bass Drum Pedal


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4000 Series
2000 Series
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