Sonor Drum Sets

Sonor Drum Sets
Sonor AQ2 Series


With the AQ2 Series drums you can sound like the pros. All maple shells and the new SmartMount facilitate this.

Sonor offers five standard configurations to start with, all featuring our popular 7-ply all maple shell construction (4 plies of Canadian maple, 3 plies of Chinese maple). The drums share fittings and finishes, offering the flexibility to mix and match within the whole AQ2 Series.

The AQ2 Series drums come with newly designed shell hardware and a new tom mounting system: the SmartMount. This minimalistic yet functional mount has the true German design and engineering spirit inside: optimal sound sustain with a minimal amount of hardware on the drum shell.

Sonor AQ2 Series
100% All Maple Shells
Smart Mount Tom Mounting System
5 Beautiful Finishes
High Gloss Lacquer or Classic Wraps available

Sonor Vintage Series 

Vintage instruments tell us stories. They bring us the past to life. Listening to the unique character of tube amplifiers, enjoying the warm sound of vinyl albums or driving a classic car... you get the idea. So Sonor transformed the original sound, look & feel of the fabulous 50s, 60s, and 70s drums into a contemporary concept: the Vintage Series.

Sonor Vintage Series
100% Beechwood Shells
Tunesafe System – maximum tuning stability
Stylish bass drum claw and tension rod
Redesigned triple flange Superprofil hoop bass on the original
Updated teardrop lug
Super 50 throw-off snare mechanism based upon the authentic model
Re-issue of the original “iron shape” bass drum bracket in modern design
compatible with all Sonor single and double tom holders
Traditional style bass drum spurs
REMO® UT heads



Sonor SQ2 Series

To make it simply the best: A bunch of unique features, make the drums sound better, retain tuning consistency, and enhance their sustain and overall acoustic performance. 

Inside and outside wood or lacquer finish, decide upon lugs and mounts, choose between gold, chrome or ruthenium plating... the possibilities are literally unlimited.

Sonor SQ2 Series
Choose from Maple, Birch, Beech, or Acrylic
Inside and Outside Wood or Lacquer Finish
Gold, Chrome, or Ruthenium Plated Hardware
Optimum Shell Measurement Construction
Cross-Laminated Plies at a 90 degree angle
Total Acoustic Resonance and Acoustigate
Tunesafe Tension Rods
Hand Made in Germany

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