Pearl Single Bass Drum Pedals

Pearl Single Bass Drum Pedals 

Pearl P830 Demon Style Single Bass Drum Pedal 

The P-830 is a single-chain drive pedal, equipped with a Demon Style long-footboard and infinitely adjustable beater angle allowing you to customize the pedal to your preferred feel and power. Pearl’s Perfect Circle Cam and DuoBeat Beater give the finishing touches to this light but sturdy pedal.

Pearl Single Bass Drum Pedal P830 Demon Style Series


Single Chain
Perfect Circle Cam
Demon Style Longboard Footboard
DuoBeat Beater
Infinite Angling
Nylon Spring Roller



Pearl P930 Longboard Single Bass Drum Pedal 

Pearl’s P930 Longboard Pedal merges many of the advanced features of our Flagship Demon Drive with our Award winning Eliminator line to create a double bass drum pedal never before available in this price range.
High end performance inspired from our Demon Drive like the longboard footboard, Control Core beater and our Click-Lock spring tension keepers combine with our PowerShifter and Eliminator style cam technology that uses our Perfect Circle cam with a removable Orange Progressive Cam for fully tunable performance and lightning speed and control. If you want fast feet and you’re on a budget, Pearl’s P930 is the ultimate pedal to step up to.

Pearl Single Bass Drum Pedal  P930 Longboard 

Single Chain Drive
Perfect Circle Cam w/ Removable Eliminator-style Eccentric Cam
Demon Style PowerShifter Function Longboard
Control Core Duo Beater
Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle
Frictionless Roller


Pearl Demon Direct Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal 

The P3000D is a pedal system so advanced, so well engineered that it becomes an extension of your body. Whether seeking to deliver lightning-fast blast beats or deep, rock-solid grooves, this pedal offers the adjustability to maximize your playing in any style. The Fastest, Smoothest, Most Versatile Pedal In The World.

Pearl Demon Direct Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal


Direct Drive
Direct Link Adjustment
Ninja Bearings
Duo-Deck Longboard
Two Choices of Beater Stroke Adjustment
Click Lock Spring Tension
Adjustable Traction Plate
Foot Board Height Adjustment

Proudly carrying the Pearl line: 

Demon Direct Drive
Demon Chain Drive
Eliminator Redline
P930 Longboard Pedal
P920 Powershifter
P530 Standard Footboard
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