Pearl Cajons

 Pearl Cajons

Pearl Club Cajons

The Club Cajon features all wood construction with fixed snares and a rear facing bass port that deepens the lows.

 Pearl Club Cajon

Asiatic Pine in #512 Sheer Black finish
Traditional Cajon appearance and sound
Bag Available
Pearl Sonic Boom Buzz Cajons


Sister to the popular Sonic Boom Cajon, the Buzz adds fixed snares and a resonant Artisan Walnut front plate. This beautiful cajon really has the deep bass and punchy snare crack you need to emulate a drum set.

Add the amazing new Sonic Buzz Cajon to your percussion arsenal today!

Pearl Sonic Boom Buzz Cajon

Birch body & Walnut front page
Extreme bass and low end
Front facing sound port
Available with or without snares

Pearl Mach 1 Cajons

Utilizing Birch and Walnut, the Mach 1 features guitar wires installed in the Flamenco W style for a crisp snare sound. Walnut is used for the faceplate to provide a deeper resonance. The body is constructed using premium Birch wood and features a rear facing bass port positioned at the top of the cajon directly behind the most frequently used hand position.

The Mach 1 Cajon is finished in a clear lacquer over the beautiful natural Birch and Walnut used to construct this amazing cajon.

Pearl Mach 1 Cajons 
Walnut front plate & Birch body
Walnut & Birch
Traditional Construction and Sound


Proudly carrying the Pearl line:

Mach 2 & 3
Sonic Boom (Flame Thrower, Buzz, and Regular)
Afterburner Cajon
Boom Box Cajon
Wood Jingle Cajon
Primero Box Cajon
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