Meinl Timbales

 Meinl Bongos

Meinl Headliner Series Timbales

The MEINL Headliner® Series Timbales come in 13" and 14" sizes, are made from chrome plated steel and come with a heavy duty, height adjustable tilting stand. They provide the classic timbale sound and are the perfect introduction to the joy and passion of timbale playing at an affordable price.

 Meinl Headliner Timbales

Logo applied from underneath the head
Two worked-in flanges
Steel Shells
Height adjustable tilting double braced tripod stand
Includes Tuning key & Wrench
Adjustable Cowbell holder
13" & 14" Shells
Meinl Hybrid Timbales


These striking timbales feature hybrid shells made of natural Siam Oak and chrome plated steel. This unique twist adds rich, warm tones along with a touch of elegance. Specially designed aluminum lug casings round out the look. These timbales include a height adjustable tripod stand and cowbell holder.
Meinl Hybrid Timbales
Special designed aluminium brackets
Logo applied from underneath the head
Steel/ Siam Oak Hybrid Shell
L-shaped tuning key
Height adjustable tilting double braced tripod stand
Adjustable Cowbell holder
13" and 14" Shells


Meinl Diego Galè Artist Series Timbales

Grammy Nominated artist Diego Galé has devoted his artistic life to the production, composition and performance of Afro-Cuban music. Over the years Diego has created his own personal sound that many want for their productions. An important part of Diego's sound are the instruments he plays. The new Diego Galé Artist Series Timbales by MEINL are just what Diego needs for his extensive recording and touring schedule providing a "cascara" sound that delivers in every situation and that looks good on any stage.

Classic Timbales shape and look
Cascara sound that has the right amount of projection that works in the studio and live situations
Comes with professional Timbale stand
Solid Brass Shells
Adjustable Cowbell holder
Professional Timbale Stand
Accessory pouch
L-shaped tuning key
Tune Up Oil
14" and 15" Shells


Proudly carrying the Meinl line of timbales:

Artist Series ( Diego Galè, Luis Conte, Amadito  Valdés)
Floatune Series
Professional Series
Hybrid Timbales
Marathon Series
Headliner Series
Drummer Snare Timbale
Mini Timbales
Hand-Bale (Taku Hirano)
Artist Series Attack Timbales (Dave Mackintosh)
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