Meinl Cymbals

 Meinl Cymbals

Meinl HCS Line

These brass alloy models look and sound great, and let you get into playing MEINL at very realistic prices. We specialize in crafting cymbals from many types of metal, which is why you can play all types of pop or rock with HCS and your sound will be warm. We believe every drummer should play cymbals they feel good about.

 Meinl HCS Family

Timbre: Mid-Bright
Pitch: Low-Mid
Lathe: Wide Blade
Clean stick response
Meinl Classics Custom Line


Made with B10 bronze, Classics Custom models pack a loud and bright punch that gets you heard clearly in every style of music. Designed to cut above the roar of guitars, these cymbals do most of the work for you, so you don’t have to play as hard to be heard. With great stick response on the rides and hats, you can dig in and groove, while the crashes deliver powerful accents.
Meinl Classics Custom Family
Timbre: Bright
Pitch: High-Mid
Metal: B10
Excellent high-pitched stick definition with an aggressive, strong attack


Meinl Byzance Dark Line

Their sound is dark, and so is their oven-blackened look. Byzance Dark models are intense, with responses ranging from the defined sticking of the rides, to the short, punchy bursts of the crashes. Their unique sonic qualities are ideal for music where dark tone and feel are at the top of the ‘must have’ list.

Meinl Byzance Dark Family Photo 
Timbre: Mid-Dark
Character: Natural, Earthy
Material: B20
Pitch: Low-Mid



Proudly carrying the Meinl line:

Artist Concept Model
Byzance (Brilliant, Dual, Dark, Extra Dry, Foundry Reserve, Jazz, Traditional, Vintage)
Classics (Custom, Custom Dark, Custom Extreme Metal, Regular)
Generation X
Pure Alloy


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