Meinl Cajons

 Meinl Cajons

Meinl Snarecraft Cajons

MEINL Snarecraft cajons combine articulate rhythmic punctuation with a warm tonal quality to give players a focused sound and wide dynamic range.  Made of Baltic birch wood, MEINL Snarecraft cajons respond with a punchy low end thud and crisp slap tones.  The highly expressive snare sounds come from dual internal sets of snare wires that are fixed against the frontplate.  Rounded corners on the playing surface offer total comfort while maximizing your touch.

 Meinl Snarecraft Series Cajons

Dual internal fixed snare wires
Baltic birch construction
Rounded corners for added comfort
Rubber feet and rear sound port
Frontplate: Available in different woods & finishes
Resonating body: 7-Ply (9 mm) Baltic Birch
W-11 3/4", H-18", D-11 3/4"
Meinl Jumbo Bass Cajon


The MEINL Subwoofer Cajon features a forward projecting sound port in place of the traditional rear facing style and an internal reflex channel. This results in an enhanced bass note projection, particularly desirable for live and unplugged situations. The Jumbo Bass Cajon version is slightly bigger and produces immense deep sounds.
Meinl Jumbo Bass Cajon
 Super low frequency
Forward projecting sound port
Internal snare wires
Adjustable top corners
Eco-friendly medium density fiberboard with appliqué graphics
Frontplate: Walnut
W-13 1/2", H-19 3/4", D-13 3/4"


Meinl Artisan Edition Cajons

Featuring a solid Tulip Poplar resonating body with wood inlay and a Brazilian Ironwood frontplate, the Martinete Line offers exquisite sound and appearance.  The 15mm thick solid resonating body is equipped with an extra thick sound port ring for bass compression.  Inside the cajon are two sets of ten micro-coiled metal cajon strings that deliver a snapping snare effect.  These strings are hand wound in the style of master cajon builder, José "Pepote" Hernández Diaz, and each set is adjustable with the included key.  Rounded frontplate corners and thumb notches allow for greater comfort and playability.  Made in Spain.

Meinl Artisan Edition Cajon Martinete Line
Two sets of 10 adjustable strings (Separately per Side)
Rounded corners and thumb notches for optimal playing comfort and sound
6 Specially formulated soft rubber feet
Ergonomically rounded frontplate with convex contact
Decorative wood inlay
Extra thick wooden sound port ring for compression
Two tuning screws to adjust the tension for each set of strings
Pop filter on soundhole
Frontplate: Brazilian Ironwood (Phoebe porosa) with Ukola Woodframe
Resonating body: Solid Wood (15mm) Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)
W-11 1/2", H-19", D-12 3/4"



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