Ludwig Hardware Packs

Ludwig Hardware Packs

Ludwig 400 Series Hardware Pack


This basic pack will get you up and running with everything you need. This solid hardware is double braced, and sturdy enough for the gig, practice, or session.


Ludwig 400 Series Hardware Pack


L416HH Hi-hat Stand
L436MBS Boom Cymbal Stand
L426CS Straight Cymbal Stand
L422SS Snare Drum Stand
L414FPR Single Bass Drum Pedal



Ludwig Atlas Class Hardware Pack


Highly portable for the Metropolitan Professional. Light-weight, yet durable stands designed for optimum set-ups in confined spaces.

The true originals never really go out of style; they just improve with age. Created to be highly portable for the drummer on the go, Ludwig's new Atlas Classic Series Hardware is precision engineered for higher function and increased durability. The simple, light-weight approach of our original flat-based stands is enhanced with modern appointments, while retaining the core elements of their predecessors.


 Ludwig Atlas Classic Hardware

LAC16HH Hi-hat Stand
LAC35BCS Boom Cymbal Stand
LAC25CS Straight Cymbal Stand
LAC21SS Snare Drum Stand
LAC14FP Single Bass Drum Pedal


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400 Series
ATLAS Classic
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