DW Snare Drums

 DW Snare Drums
DW Black Nickel Over Brass

Utilizing a thin industry-standard 1mm shell, and plated with sleek black nickel, the Collector's Series Black Nickel over Brass is a versatile workhorse snare.  Suitable for a variety of musical applications, it offers that sought-after "classic studio brass snare sound" for Rock, Jazz, and beyond; offering brightness and cut with a decidedly metallic tonal characteristic. Customize it with any available DW Custom Shop drum hardware color.

DW Black Nickel Over Brass
1mm Brass Shell
Black Nickel Plating
Customizable Hardware color
Availability: 5.5x14", 6.5x14", 7x13", 8x14"
DW Collector's All-Maple


The standard from which all other DW snare drums are measured, the Collector’s Series Maple is crafted from only the finest hand-selected North American Maple and customized in any California Custom Shop finish and drum hardware color option. Each 10-ply drum is fitted with a 6-ply reinforcement hoop and our 60-degree bearing edge for optimal resonance and attack. A lacquered interior adds brightness to a snare with a full tonal spectrum and plenty of body. The Collector’s Series Maple is the definitive workhorse wood snare drum to own.
DW Collector's All-Maple
10-ply hand-selected North American Maple
6-ply reinforcement hoops
60-degree bearing edges
Lacquered Interior
Availability: 6x10", 5x12", 5x13", 6x13", 4x14", 5x14", 6x14", 7x14", 8x14", 10x14", 4x15", 5x15", 6x15"

DW Super Solid

The Super Solid is one of our most important snare drum innovations in recent years. Utilizing a proprietary molecular compression process, wood is specially treated to greatly increase density, while at the same time make it more pliable. Once the shells are formed in to cylinders, a high-tech machining process ensures that the drum is true, both inside and out, and a reinforcement hoop is integrated. The Super Solid truly is a one-piece shell in every way and can be customized in any Custom Shop finish and drum hardware color option. Orchestral sensitivity, shotgun-like projection and plenty of recording quality warmth and tone, the Super Solid is perhaps our most sought after snare drum.

DW Super Solid Snare Drums
Proprietary molecular compression technology
Integrated Reinforcement hoops
Complete customizability in any Custom Shop finish and drum hardware color option
Availability: 4.5x13", 4.5x14", 4.5x15", 5.5x13", 5.5x14", 5.5x15"
in Shell Thicknesses 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"


 Proudly carrying the DW line of snare drums:

Collector's Wood (Super Solid Edge,  Super Solid,  All-Birch,  All-Maple)
Collector's Metal (Copper, Black Nickel Over Brass, Bell Brass, Vintage Steel, Stainless Steel, Knurled Black Nickel Over Steel, Steel, Bell Bronze, Aluminum, Thin Aluminum, Black Ti)
Collector's Specialty (Exotic Monogram, Concrete, DW Edge, DW Reverse Edge, Top Edge, Maple/Mahogany Top Edge, True-Sonic, Chrome Over Brass, Pure Maple True-Sonic, Super-Sonic, Super-Sonic Edge, Acoustic EQ, Ballad) 
Collector's Classics/Jazz/Performance Steel/Performance Maple
Design Black Nickel Over Brass
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