Drum Tips

Tips for Acoustic Drummers:

Here is a collection of excellent Five-Star Drum Shop Tech Tips that offer authoritative information on all matters Drums and Percussion. Check them out for tips on cymbal selection, bearing edges, shell materials, drum tuning, drum sticks, drum acoustics, drum set notation, and much more! 


Drumstick Selection Electronic Drums Groove Essentials


Drum Miking Drumset Notation Drum Rudiments


Snare Drum Selection Drum Tuning World Drumming

Tips for African Drummers:

Djembe Buying Guide
Djembe Skinning Guide
Djembe Tuning Guide
Djembe Care and Maintenance Guide
Djembe Bearing Edge Guide

African Whole Hide Goat Skins
African Calf Skins
3/16" Djembe Rope
1/8" Djembe Rope
Steel Rings
Tuning Tools