Cymbal & Gong

 Cymbal & Gong

Cymbal Foundry Line

Cymbal Foundry cymbals are handmade in Turkey in the vintage-style, and lathed nice and thin, giving them a silky smooth sizzle with a dark, smoky character. Perfect for jazz, funk, groove, and many other styles of music.


Cymbal Foundry Cymbals
Made by hand in Istanbul, Turkey
B20 Bronze
Hand-hammered to perfection
Perfectly soft and floppy feel
Cymbal & Gong Janavar Line


killer rock cymbal that is musical, sparkling and flexible; usable at any volume. Unique hand made combination of European architecture and Turkish alloy (B20)Extrafine lathing, sophisticated bell and bow profile, thin weights.
Cymbal & Gong Janavar Family
Extra-fine lathing
Thin Weight
B20 Turkish alloy


Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail Line

Holy Grail cymbals reproduce the highly sought-after qualities of prized antique instruments. Sonically and visually, each instrument is unique, while still falling into a distinctive range. The dark brown and verdigris patina on the Holy Grails not only looks great, it is integral to the cymbal; the finishing touch on their unique sound – smoky, dry, dark, and complex.

Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail Family 
Dark, Dry, Defined, Complex, Smoky
Beautifully lathed and hand-hammered
Dark brown and verdigris patina


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Holy Grail
American Artist
Mersey Beat
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