Bossa Nova Percussion Timbales

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Bossa Nova Percussion Eduardo Velazquez Signature Series Timbales

Bossa Nova Timbales are designed after the touring specs of Cuban timbalero and long time friend Eduardo Velazquez (Chispa y los Complices, El Clan). Hammered steel shells are slightly deeper than most major brands with tuning lugs near the top for easy cascara access. Cascara pitch is brighter than copper or brass shells, and over sound is clean and perfect for today's contemporary timba sound. Now shipping with FREE Remo Heads (while supplies last)!  Hand Made. Hand Played. 


Bossa Nova Percussion Eduardo Velazquez Signature Timbales

Designed with the professional timbale player in mind
"Brushed Nickel" Finish
Timbale set comes with adjustable stand, extra-long sliding cowbell post, and a cowbell
14" and 15" heads
12" and 13" timbales available as well.


Proudly carrying the Bossa Nova Percussion line of timbales.

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