Bossa Nova Percussion Congas

 Bossa Nova Percussion Bongos
Bossa Nova Percussion Mambo Series Congas
Mambo Series Bongos have all the features you would expect including chrome hardware, easy-play comfort hoops, and hand picked buffalo skins. Hand Made.

Featuring 10" and 11" Siam Oak shells, hand-selected water buffalo skins, easy-play comfort rims, beautiful satin lacquer finish and chrome hardware. Perfect for beginner to intermediate players, schools, churches, and small Latin ensembles. Available in Natural, Wine Red, or Mahogany. Double stand included. Hand Made. Hand Played. 

Matching Bongos available as well. 

Bossa Nova Percussion Mambo Series Congas 


Bossa Nova Percussion Rumba Series Congas

Bossa Nova Rumba Series Congas come in 4 sizes and feature beautiful Satin Mahogany finish, chrome hardware, traditional Cuban-style hoops, and hand selected buffalo skins. Hand Made. Hand Played. 

10" Requinto, 11" Quinto, 12" Segundo, 13" Tumbadora

Drum Height: 30"

Bossa Nova Percussion Rumba Series Congas 
Siam Oak shells
Mahogany finish
  Matching bongos available 
10" Requinto, 11" Quinto, 12" Segundo, 13" Tumbadora
Drum Height: 30"
 Hand-Selected Water Buffalo skins
Traditional Cuban-style hoops
Matching bongos available


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Rumba Series
Mambo Series
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