Bossa Nova Percussion Cajons

 Bossa Nova Percussion Bongos

Bossa Nova Percussion Stringed Flamenco Cajons

The Mahogany Stringed Flamenco Cajon from Bossa Nova Percussion has warm and fat bass tones, and crisp, articulate snare tones. Perfect for both acoustic and amplified settings. Hand Made. Hand Played.

Bossa Nova Percussion Cajons



Gorgeous frontplate designs

Internal string-style "snares"

Internal buzz adjust-ability

EQ-friendly air port

Measures: 11.5" wide x 12" deep x 19.5" tall

Availability: Satin Chocolate, Mahogany, Ebony, Rasta, Satin Cherry, and Makah Burl


Proudly carrying the Bossa Nova Percussion line of cajons.

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