Bleached Steer Skins

Steer skins are a great choice for that warm, vintage conga sound. They are a little softer on the hands than Horse hide, but very similar, both being generally thicker and warmer sounding than Water Buffalo - which has become the contemporary sound of many of the top brands (LP, Meinl, Toca, Pearl, & Gon Bops) coming from Thailand.

Steer is more opaque than Horse, very smooth to the touch, and slightly darker sounding than our Premium Natural Steer Skins. If you currently play LP or other brand name congas, consider switching out the heads for a more melodic sound. You can soak the old skin in water to reuse the ring/flesh hoop, and then mount a new steer skin to give yourself that great vintage sound! 

Hand-selected and cut into 21" rounds, perfect for nearly any conga. As with any of our skins, if you have a general thickness preference (thinnest, thin, medium, thick, thickest), just leave us a note at checkout.


For more information on using these skins, check out our Djembe Skinning Guide and our other Djembe resources below.

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