African Whole Hide Goat Skins - Hairless

With decades of experience importing skins from Africa, we are proud to say that our Hairless African Goat Skins are some of the finest skins available. And we now offer you your choice of 3 different varieties

- Our Guinea skins are a great choice for most players. They vary in thickness and color and are easy to work with and plenty strong for tight tunings
- Our Ivory Coast skins are generally thicker and bigger, perfect for advanced players who like to hit hard and tune their drums high
- Our Djembefola Series skins are the absolute best looking skins that we import. They are typically white and/or spotted with lots of visual character
- All of our African Goat Skins are ideal for Djembes and other drums that require a good strong skin. We use these same skins on all of our Djembe builds and repairs.


If you'd prefer a hairy skin, click here for our African Whole Hide Goat Skins with Hair


Please let us know in the message box on our checkout page if you have any preference for color, thickness, or size. We will always send you our best skins that match your criteria. If you have any questions about our current inventory, please give us a call at 503-288-6950.



*Quantities of 3 or more skins are eligible for our discount price. The discount is automatically calculated whenever 3 or more skins are in your cart.

**Goat Skins are a natural animal product and variation is to be expected. We hand select every goat skin that we send out to make sure it is free of holes and meets our standard of quality. All whole hide skins will have at least a 20 inch circle working area. Please give us as much information about your project as possible in the message section of the order form so that we can select the best skins for you.


For helpful information on using our skins on a Djembe, Dunun, or other rope-tuned African drum, check out our Djembe Skinning Guide and our other Djembe resources below.