Eric Charry - Mande Music Book CLEARANCE

With Mande Music, Eric Charry offers the most comprehensive source available on one of Africa's richest and most sophisticated music cultures. Using resources as disparate as early Arabic travel accounts, oral histories, and archival research as well as his own extensive music studies in Mali, Guinea, Senegal, and The Gambia, Charry traces this music culture from its origins predating the thirteenth-century Mali empire to the recording studios of Paris and New York.

He focuses on the four major spheres of Mande music--hunter's music, music of the jelis or griots, djembe and other drumming, and guitar-based modern music--exploring how each evolved, the types of instruments used, the major artists, and how each sphere relates to the others.

With its maps, illustrations, and musical transcriptions as well as an exhaustive bibliography, discography, and videography, this book is essential reading for those seeking an in-depth look at one of the most exciting, innovative, and deep-rooted phenomena on the world music scene.


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