Replacement Cleat for Djembe Puller Bar

These Replacement Cleats are perfect for restoring the rope-grabbing capabilities of your Djembe Puller Bar. Generally each cleat is good for about 150 drums, though we've gotten our to last much longer with proper use and care. Each cleat comes with new screws that fit our Rhythm Traders Djembe Puller Bar. Other uses are possible as this cleat can be screwed down to almost anything.


  • Constructed from light-weight, strong aluminum
  • Can be used on our Djembe Puller Bar or on other custom tools/projects
  • Designed for 3/16" rope (4-5mm)*


*This cleat is the same one that comes on our Djembe Puller Bar and is only recommended for use on 3/16" (4-5mm) rope. It works great on our 3/16" (4.5mm) Djembe Rope.

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