Djembe Puller Bar

These Djembe Puller Bars are great for getting your main verticals extremely tight. You can use the leverage of the bar to greatly increase the rope tension beyond what is usually possible just by hand, allowing for less diamonds and a cleaner Djembe look.

Each Djembe Puller Bar has an aluminum cleat screwed on to the end of the bar to grab the rope. The cleats last a long time if used properly, but when its ready for a new cleat we do sell Replacement Cleats.


  • An aluminum cleat (the plastic ones are worthless) to the grab the rope
  • Threaded holes so you can replace the cleat (they generally work great for about 150 drums before cracking)
  • When you do need a new cleat, we sell them (see above or here)
  • A unique "L" shape, giving you a ton of leverage
  • Bottom of puller rests on the bottom ring, not the drum so that pressure is distributed evenly around the ring
  • Designed for 3/16" rope (4-5mm)*


*The cleat that comes on this puller is only recommended for use on 3/16" (4-5mm) rope. It works great on our 3/16" (4.5mm) Djembe Rope.

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