DrumDial Drum Tuner

This DrumDial offers simply the best and easiest way to tune your drums. It measures the amount of tension at a specific point on the head rather than at the tension rod, and this allows you to dial in perfectly even tension or experiment with other tunings while knowing exactly what you are doing to the head. You don't even need to use sticks or make any noise while tuning, which allows you to tune between songs at a gig. Every drummer who is serious about their sound will appreciate this wonderful device. Highly recommended!


  • The DrumDial Edge Gage.
  • A locking bezel with moveable locators for easy marking of your tuning range
  • A lug back for improved handling
  • A soft foam lined box to protect the tuner
  • Easy to read gage and a precision mechanism for fast, accurate tuning.


  • Silent Operation
  • Tuning Accuracy
  • Ability to Repeatedly Tune to a Particular Pitch
  • Easily Tunes in Loud Surroundings
  • Compact and User Friendly
  • Measures Timpanic Pressure, not Tension Rod Torque
  • Plus a Full 1 Year Warranty

Each DrumDial comes with an excellent box for safe storage when not in use