Cymbal Foundry 15" Hi-Hats


Cymbal Foundry cymbals are handmade in Turkey in the vintage-style, and lathed nice and thin, giving them a silky smooth sizzle with a dark, smoky character. Perfect for jazz, funk, groove, and many other styles of music.




  • Made by hand in Istanbul, Turkey
  • B20 Bronze
  • Hand-hammered to perfection
  • Perfectly soft and floppy feel



Cymbal Foundry Cymbals are available in the following sizes:

14" Hi-Hats
15" Hi-Hats
16" Crash
18" Crash
19" Crash-Ride
20" Ride
21" Ride
22" Ride
24" Ride


Check out some photos from our trip to the Cymbal Foundry factory:

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Check out this video for more information about Cymbal Foundry:


All Cymbal Foundry Cymbals come with a two-year warranty against defects