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Pearl PBC-1914SBS Sonic Buzz Cajon

When we first heard the massive cajon sound and serious bass thump of Pearl's Sonic Boom Cajon, we were sold! Now add perfectly crisp snare sounds, and you have the Sonic Buzz. Made entirely in the USA, this special cajon from Pearl features a relaxed playing angle and an oversize 100% Birch box, the combination of which creates huge bass that roars through the front ports on this cajon with every hit. The playing surface is made of Walnut, giving you a rich sound that is very warm and musical. This is one of our favorite cajons!



  • MASSIVE Rich Bass sounds
  • Crisp snare buzz
  • 100% Birch body
  • Front Bass Port
  • Angled Walnut Frontplate
  • Made in the USA


Pearl PBC-1914SBS Sonic Buzz Cajon


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