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Ludwig Supralite 6.5" x 14" Steel Snare Drum

The Supralite is a classic steel snare in the making - it’s warm and versatile with a far lighter price on the wallet than it's older sibling the Supraphonic. But regardless of price these snares sound AMAZING! They cut, pop, and sound 100% authentic with a wide range of tuning, rounded attack, nice overtones and a classic appearance.

Ludwig LW6514SL Supralite 6.5 x 14 Snare Drum

  • 10 Chrome-Over-Brass Tube Lugs
  • 2.3mm Triple-Flanged Hoops
  • Beaded Steel Shell
  • Brass Snare Wires

This Supralite is also available in a shallower 5.5" x 14" size

Supralite snare drums sound amazing and the price can't be beat - Pick one up today!