Remo 22" Ocean Drum

Remo Ocean Drums are amazingly versatile! The real fun in these drums comes from the metal pellets, which produce a wavelike wash of sound. The speed and intensity of these ocean sounds are easily controlled by adjusting the tilt of the drum. These drums are also capable of producing all the tones you would expect from a frame drum and even have a nice shaker sound. Includes a mallet for playing as a beater drum. Remo Ocean Drums come in 3 different diameters: 12", 16" and 22".

Remo Ocean Drum

Ocean Drums are available in 3 different size diameters:
Model Number: ET-0212-00 Size: 12"
Model Number: ET-0216-00 Size: 16"
Model Number: ET-0222-00 Size: 22"

Remo Ocean Drum with Mallet

  • 2.5" wide
  • Clear head on one side
  • Fiberskyn 3 drumhead on opaque side
  • Acousticon drum shell
  • Mallet included
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Get a unique, wavelike wash of sound and order this Ocean Drum today!