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Paiste Giant Beat 18" Multi-Functional Cymbal

This Paiste Giant Beat 18" Multi-Functional Cymbal is mellow yet cutting and powerful. With a distinctive silvery breath over a soft layered wash, this Cymbal is up to any task. The playing feel is very responsive and giving, and it has a sound that opens up quickly. This is a classic thin Crash sound with a fairly wide tonal range and slightly complex mix. Capable of a sizzly, washy Ride sound as well, this Paiste Giant Beat 18" Multi-Functional Cymbal is ready for anything.

Check out the Paiste Series comparison video below to hear these Cymbals!
(Giant Beat starts at 1:10)

The Giant Beat Series from Paiste was first launched in 1967 and quickly became the go-to Cymbals for popular rock music of the time. Paiste brought back the Giant Beat line in 2005 and faithfully recreated the classic, open sound. These Cymbals are known for a loose, mellow feel with a lively, warm presence. Paiste Giant Beat Cymbals have a well-rounded quality that makes them suitable for a wide range of live and studio settings. This is the vintage classic rock sound at its best.

Paiste Giant Beat 18 inch Multi-Functional Cymbal

  • Medium thin weight
  • Soft to loud volume
  • Sizzly, washy stick sound
  • Lively intensity
  • Medium sustain
  • Integrated bell character

Paiste Warranty - 2 Years

Quality Protected against defects in materials and craftmanship

Get a rich sound with pristine stick definition and buy this Ride today!

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