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Zildjian 17" FX El Sonido Multi-Crash Ride Cymbal

Developed with Percussionist Marc Quinones of the Allman Brothers Band, this 17" El Sonido Multi Crash Ride provides a versatility of sound for use in any Salsa, Jazz, Latin, or Rock setting. The lathed, medium-thin weight outer portion of the instrument helps to create a fast and expressive Crash response while allowing the thicker unlathed center area to produce a maximum projection of sound. The unlathed, larger bell aids in providing Ride articulation and a pure bell tone. The Brilliant finish not only completes its striking appearance but also helps to provide extra sparkle to its sound.

Zildjian 17" FX El Sonido Multi-Crash Ride Cymbal

 17" FX El Sonido Multi-Crash Ride Cymbal - Model number: A20017

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