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Sabian HC-14 14" Hoop Crasher

 Jojo Mayer and Sabian have teamed up yet again to create this HC-14 14" Hoop Crasher. It's got a sound unlike anything you've heard before. New for 2013, this Hoop Crasher was voted Best in Show at NAMM. The unique dual-ring design is incredibly versatile and has an amazing sound palatte. This Hoop Crasher fits perfectly on top of any 14" Snare and adds a huge, thick sound. With 32 holes, the top ring is lightweight with easy lift. The bottom ring is heavier with a careful design that elimates airlock.  

Check out Jojo Mayer demo this sweet new Hoop Crasher!

Jojo Mayer demos the Hoop Crasher for a crowd at NAAM 2013!

Jojo Mayer Hoop Crasher NAAM 2013

Sabian HC-14 14" Hoop Crasher all set up and ready to play at NAAM 2013:

Sabian Hoop Crasher NAAM 2013

Hear about the features of Sabian's HC-14 14" Hoop Crasher:

Play with the rings free or attached!

Sabian HC-14 Hoop Crasher Detail


This Sabian Hoop Crasher comes with parts that allow you to totally customize your sound:

Sabian HC-14 Hoop Crasher Parts

Sabian Warranty (North America)

2 years

Quality Protected against defects in material and craftmanship

Get a huge sound for your Snare and buy one today!