Audix DP-QUAD 4-Piece Drum Microphone Pack

This excellent DP-QUAD Drum Microphone Pack from Audix is one of our favorite packs on the market because it gives you all of the essentials. The primary drums to mic are handled by Audix's highest-quality microphones for the purpose, the D6 for the kick drum and the i5 for the snare. Audix then includes two of their ADX51 overhead condensor mics to pickup the cymbals, the toms, and the general ambiance of the kit. This combination of a room-shaking kick mic, an crisp and powerful snare mic, and two amazingly clear overheads really brings out the full power of your kit, on recordings and on stage.    

We like the approach to drum miking that this DP QUAD pack is designed around a lot because it's simple as can be and doesn't force you to compromise by only miking the drums. The overheads are key to getting a big full drum sound and an especially crisp cymbal sound, but without dedicated kick and snare microphones in the mix you don't get the full driving power of the groove. This DP QUAD pack gives you the best combination of microphones and also includes all of the mounts, clips, and windscreens that you need to get up and running. All of the pieces fit into a sweet aluminum road case too, making it super easy to safely transport your mics to the gig.

Audix DP Quad 4-Piece Microphone Pack

This DP QUAD Pack includes:

  • 1 x i5 Snare Mic
  • 1 x D6 Kick Mic
  • 2 x ADX51 Overhead Mics
  • 1 x DVICE Rim Mount with MC1 Mic Clip
  • 3 x DCLIP Mic Clips
  • 2 x WS81C Windscreens

Audix DP Quad 4-Piece Drum Microphone Pack Specifications


Don't be stuck at the mercy of the sound guy's equipment! Pick up one of these packs today and get an amazing drum sound everywhere you play.