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Sabian 18" Artisan Crash Cymbal A1806

This Artisan Crash from Sabian has a sense of craftsmanship that comes through in this Cymbal's immense presence. The bright, shimmering sound of this Crash opens up quickly, making it great for accents. This 18" model has a big sound that works great in a live or studio setting. This is the perfect Crash for anyone who wants clean, rich sound.

Check out this Artisan Crash in action:

 The Artisan Series shows off Sabian's creative side. These Cymbals come in a range of sounds and pitches, all of which sound fantastic. If you need a unique sound with a lot of versatility, this is the line for you!

This Crash Cymbal comes in Traditional or Brilliant Finish. Brilliant is shown below:

Sabian 18" Artisan Crash Cymbal A1806 Brilliant Finish

Sabian Artisan Warranty (North America) - 2 years

Quality Protected against defects in material and craftmanship

Get a clean, shimmering sound and order this Crash today!